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New LiveUpdate Utility- For MS Windows Vista Customers!

LiveUpdate Utility – Independent Live Update utility for Tayden’s Program’s UPDATE! (MS Windows XP, Vista) – Click here for download

Note: You must have Tayden program installed on your computer in order to perform a successful LiveUpdate!

This utility supports Live Update for the next products:
1. Fort Knox
2. ServiceTracker Professional Edition.
3. Pro Sports Memorabilia

New concept Database Solutions

Knowledge Based Issues & Solutions

This section is a knowledge based solutions to Error Messages, Crashes or any technical issue that our users encountered during the use of Fort Knox, ServiceTracker Professional Edition and ProSports Memorabilia programs. Here you can find a quick solution.


Version #



1. Error #481:Invalid
Picture, Location: Appraiser-frm Properties; Load Image File

All Versions Invalid TIFF format

This Error is caused due to invalid
TIFF File format. This type of TIFF format is not supported. Use any
graphics editing program (Like Microsoft Paint, Corel Draw, Adobe
Photoshop and similar) to convert the TIFF file to other formats.
(Like JPG For example)

# 91: Object variable or With block variable not set, Location:

All Versions

This issue occurs due user’s permissions.

Do the next:

1. Click on: File

2. Click on: Connect to Database

3. Select items Database File.

This is it! Now that an initial database file was
registered you will be able to Right Click on the: ‘All Items’ and create your
Sub-Categories, Categories and Items.




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