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Universal & Customizable Collection Inventory Software

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– Windows 7, 8, 10

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HobbyTime™ – Innovative customizable Inventory Software Based on years of customers opinion and suggestions we have designed an entire new concept in inventory control especially for the serious collector. Simple for use, yet smart behind the scene. User friendly, and mainly intuitive. HobbyTime™ provides an advanced graphical approach in order to easily access each category and its items. With one click of a button user can view each category and its items. Universal & Customizable – With HobbyTime™ you can customize and personalize your database. You can
create many databases to store any type of collectibles. In addition you have the flexibility to customize databases according to your collection’s characteristics. There are no limitations on the number of collections and/or items that you can store! (The only limitation is the user Hard Drive size)

Create your multiple databases for multiple collections – For Example: You can create a database to store your Model Cars collection, another one for your Model Trains and another one for your Coins collection. There are no limitations on the number of databases and items!

TREE-View Technique– All of your categories, sub-categories and items are organized under a simple for use yet  advanced Tree-Viewer. Simple for use, mainly intuitive!

Store Item’s Images– HobbyTime™ offers the storage of a representative image for categories and items.

Customizable Fields
– The program offers unlimited amount of customizable fields. Users can define their own fields according to desire. User can create their own subjects, items and informative fields and virtually design their own database’s characteristics. Simple for use and mainly intuitive.

EXPORT/IMPORT System– HobbyTime™ offers an EXPORTING/IMPORTING system to enable exporting/importing of databases to MS Excel and HTML formats. This feature makes it easy for data sharing between hobbyists and colleagues.

Statistics -HobbyTime™ offers a SNAPSHOT statistics for your database. User may get a quick view of category, sub-category or the entire collection. The Statistics feature provides the total value and other vital information about your collection.

Backup/Restore– HobbyTime™ includes Backup and Restore system to backup your information. It is recommended to BACKUP at least once per week!

Auto-UPDATE System– HobbyTime™ includes Auto-Update system.

OS: MS Windows 7, 8, 10

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